Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa

Love of Learning is the Guide of Life

Phi Beta Kappa, the oldest Greek-letter society in America, was founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Greek letters ΦBK stand for the society’s motto, “Love of learning is the guide of life.” For over two hundred years election to Phi Beta Kappa during a student’s college career has been a recognition of the highest intellectual capacity and academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences.

Alpha Association of Indiana is one of more than fifty active alumni associations of Phi Beta Kappa in the United States which seek to foster scholarship in the secondary schools and liberal education in college campuses.

It’s good to take a longer view and think, ‘What would I really like to do if I had no limitations whatsoever?'”

Laurie Anderson
ΦBK, Barnard College

Mission Statement

The Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa’s mission is: to recognize and reward scholastic excellence of students in pursuit of a liberal arts education, to celebrate our members’ shared appreciation of education in general and liberal arts education in particular, and to facilitate continued learning by our members through the exchange of ideas and experiences.

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