Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa hosts several annual events.

Every fall we have a reception for Phi Beta Kappa High School Scholars to recognize high school students who show a passion and affinity for liberal arts subjects. We also host a Key Connections networking event every fall as a way of connecting new and long-standing members. Every spring the association hosts our annual dinner, featuring a speaker on a topical subject. Throughout the year Alpha Association also hosts quarterly book clubs to promote life-long learning. The association also organizes a few outings a year to plays, musicals, art galleries, talks, etc. as another way of cultivating our members’ love of learning.

You can find our upcoming events below. We hope to see you join us!

Upcoming Events

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, all events are temporarily postponed. Please check back for updates.

Interested in Joining Our Association?

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