Since 1993, the Alpha Association of Indiana Phi Beta Kappa has offered the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award for High School Juniors.  Recipients are the outstanding junior student chosen by each Marion County and other sponsored high schools.  Each recipient will receive a letter of congratulations in May.  In the fall, this year’s award winners will be invited to a reception in their honor hosted by Alpha Association at which they will be presented with a certificate of recognition and a gift certificate for $100 to a local bookstore.  The students will be invited to bring a school guidance counselor or an instructor to the reception in addition to their parents.  Alpha Association developed the criteria for the award to reflect criteria similar to that used at the collegiate level for Phi Beta Kappa selection.

All Phi Beta Kappa alumni are welcome to attend, and members of the Alpha Association are strongly encouraged to attend these events.

Criteria for Selection

Selected students:

  • Demonstrate intellectual integrity and accomplishment in a broad range of academic disciplines
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the liberal arts and sciences (humanities, social sciences, mathematical, and natural sciences)
  • Must be in the top 10% of their class, usually with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Must be embarking on an in-depth college preparation program (normally Indiana Core 40, often with Academic Honors or International Baccalaureate)

Usually, students will be concluding the following prior to beginning their senior year:

  • Three years of academic English
  • Three years of history / geography / government
  • Three years of mathematics
  • Three years of science (one must be a lab science)
  • Two or more years of foreign language study
  • At least one elective in the fine arts

Students should also show evidence of leadership and/or participatory qualities. These factors should influence the decision in the case of ties.

Let’s support the education of the future generation together.

Past Award Recipients and Donors

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